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Plating Non-Metallics

Daft Punk Artcraft Plating

Daft Punk never sounded better after their plating by Artcraft Plating & Finishing.

Artcraft Plating & Finishing of Burbank, California, plates non-metallics. Our expertise includes:

• ABS, Thermosets, Polycarbonate, all composites and resins
• S.L.A., L.O.M., L.C.P.
• Epoxies, Fiberglass, Wax, Wood
• Specializing in Selective Plating
• EMI/RFI shielding

All major prime contractor approvals

Daft Punk Helmets by Artcraft Plating Plating Artcraft Plating + Finishing Burbank Daft Punk Helmets Daft Punk Helmets by Artcraft Plating