Artcraft Plating & Finishing

76 E. Santa Anita Ave. Burbank, CA 91502


phone: 818-845-9292

fax: 818-845-6517


Artcraft specializes in electroforming, the metal forming process that forms thin parts through electrodeposition. We coat the part with a conductive layer of liquid metal skin onto the form, called a mandrel, which we then remove after forming and can be parted without the metal coating sticking to it.

We are able to precisely fabricate micro- and nano-scale metallic devices and injection molds to make nonmetallic micro-molded objects for high-tech companies and across a wide range of industries.

Artcraft also works with and does the following:

• Copper, Nickel, Gold, Silver
• Mold-making
• Part manufacturing

Original Mattel Doll Head Mold Original Mattel Baby Doll Head Mold GoldenProng TinCup

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